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Junkhead (the Alice In Chains Tribute) is dedicated to performing the grunge-metal, sludge-blues music of one of the greatest and most influential rock bands to come out of the Seattle grunge scene of the 90s. Harnessing -- with accurate precision -- the power of Layne Staley's haunted yet soulful vocals, along with Jerry Cantrell's maddening but mesmerizing guitar, this Tribute is an authentic expression of honor to a legendary rock band that changed the face of music and left a slew of imitators clamoring for that hallowed plateau of Rock God status. True fans who were there to witness AIC will be eerily brought back to those Junkhead days and completely blown away, as new converts are gained along the way.



"The Alice In Chains Tribute band in Chicago is by far the #1 Alice In Chains tribute band in the United States because of their unparalleled attention to recreating every waking detail that made Alice in Chains great. The most important detail being the music. Thanks to the pipes of lead singer Tim Maeder, the audience feels like they did when they witnessed Layne fronting the band as Tim commands the stage."
- Shawn Kellner, Editor In Chief of Chicago Music Magazine
"Shiiiit, man, I thought that guy died years ago? The ghost of Layne Staley is alive and well."
- Mike Nichols, Guardrail Chicago
"I saw this band three times (all at Cubby Bear) and they were amazing. They have a lot of energy in their performances and they perform Alice in Chain's best hits. Great band."
- Veronica Shon Coffee, AIC Fan
"Is it March yet? :-). Can't wait for another amazing show where every detail is just perfect. See you soon Guys."
- Magda Zima, AIC Fan
"These guys are a must see. Closest thing u will ever get to seeing the original AIC!!"
- Doxie Bravo, AIC Fan


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